Top 10 Tips for Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional

You're already familiar with Adobe's portable document format: convert your document into PDF format and anyone who dowloads the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can read it. The PDF is identical in appearance to the original document.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, which recently received 4.5 out of 5.0 TechoScore in this newsletter, offers some useful new tools. To read this article Click Here.

Should Large Firms Invest in Speech Recognition Software?

Speak and your words appear on screen. What more could a busy lawyer want? Speech recognition is a mature technology that routinely produces astonishing results. So why haven't more large law firms adopted it?

Many lawyers misunderstand Dragon Naturally Speaking (Dragon), the best-known speech recognition software (available for both Mac OS X and Windows). Dragon doesn't turn lawyers into secretaries. You don't use it to generate finished work product. Nothing beats an experienced assistant for formatting and polishing the first draft of a dictated document. Also, if you assemble documents based upon pre-existing clauses, consider document assembly software instead of speech recognition software.

To see if it is right for your firm, Click Here.

Top 10 Little-Known Tips for Lawyers Who Use Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional

You're probably familiar with the most basic function of Adobe Acrobat Professional 8: converting any document to a portable document format (PDF) that can be read by any recipient who dowloads the free Adobe Reader. If you view Acrobat Professional as an integrated collection of tools for online communication, however, you can begin to appreciate its potential for communicating with your clients.

I have used Adobe Acrobat, in one form or another, in my transactional real estate practice for for several years. To read this article, Click Here.

FileCenter Review

FileCenter ( from Lucion Technologies is promoted as simplified paperless office software. Lucion offers three versions.: Standard ($49.95), Pro ($179.95) and Pro PLUS ( $199.95). The software was designed by attorneys for attorneys, and shows it. Version7 (now in beta) once again incorporates user feedback. to read this article, Click Here

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