Tips for East Hampton Real Estate Buyers

  1. Inspect the house. Inspect the house with a licensed inspector or engineer. Be present for the inspection. Ask the inspector about any aspect of the house that puzzles you.
  2. Will you be adding to the house? Tell me if your purchase depends upon expanding the house or adding a garage or pool. We may need to survey the property to confirm that you can add another structure without violating zoning regulations.
  3. Have you been told anything about the property? I’ve had clients who were misinformed about what could be built on an adjacent lot, the size of a property, the age of a house, and many other issues.
  4. Are you getting a mortgage? If you’ll need a mortgage, familiarize yourself with your lender’s loan process. Self-employed borrowers must produce more and different documents than wage earners.
  5. Do you need local referrals? Ask me for referrals. I’ve known most of the local real estate community for many years. I can suggest people who can help you with any aspect of the transaction, from examining old fuel tanks to mending fences.


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